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Creating dynamic designelements
~Tip Quetretex 01/22/2004 02:40 PM
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Is there any way to dynamicly create designelements in Notes as fields, buttons, etc. - like in a webpage?

In my mind one of the mayor drawbacks of most development tools is that you are restricted by what design elements you put in a form (when in Notes) - in my particular case i have a dialog box containing a search form, where the users can search for documents in some archive databases.

Right now the resulting list is shown in a RichTextItem, containing a doclink and a brief description. I want to add to this list the possibility to delete documents. If its a button, a link or a checkbox doesn't matter. What matter is that i can insert an unknown number of fields, so have do i do that?

I have played with the idea to create a XML document, where i can define the fields / buttons and then import it to Notes, but im not sure how to do this...

Any help or ideas on how to make Notes more dynamic is most welcome.

With regards

Jacob Hansen

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